28 Miles of ABS Filiment

We have started to push the limits of the new Luzbot Taz 6 printer. This is a more complicated printer that can print in rubber, ABS, PLA and a variety of other materials. This means a lot of tweaking settings around stepper motor behavior and how the g-Code is generated. What is most amazing is that this is a student managed machine. Students are responsible for fixing and maintaining all of the machines in the Makerspace. With that context in mind it is pretty amazing to think that the single vase pictured above was printed with filament that when extruded through the printhead was 28 miles long and it printed with less than 0.01mm of error!

In the video below look to the left to see the CURA software simulation used to generate the tool paths for the Taz 6 printhead to follow while extruding the vase. 

Showing sliced Cura file and actual print side by side