Making a Makerspace: The St. Raymond Journey

St. Raymond is preparing to host both principals and teachers from all over the San Francisco Archdiocese on Monday, May 22. We will open up our doors to share what we have done so far to build out our Makerspace program over the last three years, relating both what has worked well, and what has not worked well in our journey. Most importantly, we will host a roundtable discussion on Catholic school values and how that relates to Design Thinking and Makerspace programs. We will also examine what it means to change school culture when it comes to Maker integration in math, science and art lessons.

Autodesk came to visit our 4th and 8th grade classes last month to observe how we transition from Tinkercad (used in education around the world) in the lower elementary grades to Fusion360 (a professional engineering package) in 8th grade. Below are three short videos highlighting our Maker program that Autodesk produced from that visit and we are proud to share them with you! Also note the Dremel 3D printer and hand tools students use in Maker projects.
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The first video is from the student perspective:

The second video is from the perspective of the educator (the Maker Awaker):

Tinkercad and Fusion360 helps students to go from ideas to physical parts on the Dremel 3D printer. A slightly longer version of the video is here.

The third video is about how we have used a Makercart to serve different classrooms: