First Annual Electric Car Drag Race! - 5th Grade

The 5th grade class spent the last few months building electric race cars. These cars have one motor in each wheel (4 wheel drive), a central power supply and switches rated for 120volts. Yesterday the 5th grade class assembled in the gym to race their cars for the first time. This was a king of the mountain style elimination race with the winner from each race staying on to race the next competitor. The winning car won 9 straight races, some by only a few inches.

Next week each team in the class will debrief on the race and start to look at how their car might be tuned. Where is energy being lost? Are the wheels aligned? How would a change in the wheelbase affect the tracking stability of the car? Are four motors necessarily faster than two? The cars from each team will start to look very different from each other as designs evolve.