St. Raymond at SF Archdiocese Tech Day 2017

The San Francisco Archdiocese held the annual regional Tech Day 2017 on Friday, February 3rd. Technology directors and teachers from the area gathered to learn from each other and share best practices on everything from student digital privacy issues to rolling out MakerSpaces on a limited budget. This year marked a new level for the conference with a national sponsorship. Dremel Tools generously donated a new 3D Printer to the conference. Alexandra Iwaszewicz, Technology Coordinator at St. John High School, won the Dremel 3D printer for her school - Happy 100th year St. John School! Additional thanks goes to The San Francisco Archdiocese for providing funds so every teacher could keep the Arduino microcontroller they used in the training session. 

During the MakerSpace session of the conference teachers had the chance to jumpstart some basic MakerSpace skills. Most session attendees went from no prior experience with microcontrollers to seeing the link between coding, microcontrollers and prototyping tools. There is an exciting trend in both private and public schools across the country exploring MakerSpaces as an integral part of the school campus. Special Thanks to Becky Wong St Thomas More School and Gordon Fair of St Gabriel School for organizing the event. Lots of fun and learning was had by all!

To support seeding more MakerSpaces within San Francisco Archdiocese, St. Raymond school will be hosting a unique 30-hour educator PD session through KCI later this summer. Teachers will be paired 1:1 with students. Each teacher/student pair will explore MakerSpace tools with original projects.

@DremelEdu (3D Printers in Schools)
@ken_hawthorn (Making at St. Raymond)


Left to Right: Ken Hawthorn weaves 3D Printing with Arduino, Alexandra Iwaszewicz wins a Dremel 3D Printer, teachers get hands-on with Arduino