Yummy Gooey CAD Candy!!! - 5th to 8th Grade

A Graphical User Interface (abbreviated GUI and pronounced Gooey) is made up of all of the buttons, icons, and windows in a computer program. Of all of the software tools we have used in the St. Raymond Mechatronics program, the GUI that generates the broadest instant obsession among students is TinkerCad by Autodesk. Once unleashed in a classroom, it is very hard to get students to put down the tool. The interface is so fun and intuitive that we stopped calling it TinkerCad and started calling it "Yummy Gooey CAD Candy" (Software Developers would recognize this as a terribly sticky pun).

As a teacher, I wondered how students with some exposure to TinkerCad would adapt to a professional engineering design environment like Fusion 360. Autodesk has made all of their educational as well as design software totally free to schools, so I was able let students loose and observe the results in the professional CAD environment. The results were generally stunning. Students between 5th and 8th grade who had some experience in TinkerCad were able start realizing their designs within a professional engineering environment after just a few minutes. In both cases pictured below, I asked students to make a spherical shape from a rotated pattern of torus(s) (tori???). Elapsed times:

Students with some exposure to TinkerCAD pick up professional CAD tools like Fusion 360 surprisingly quickly. These tools are free and accessible from home or school computers.