Breadboarding for Fun.... 6th Mechatronics

Breadboards are small pieces of plastic with internal metal strips that allow students (or adults) to prototype an electrical circuit. Design is an iterative process. Our first effort at building a circuit for a specific purpose will land somewhere been "total failure" and "works pretty good". Very rarely do we design and build an electrical circuit that contains diodes, resisters and microchips and have it ready to solder permanently together on the first try. A breadboard allows temporary electrical connections between the various components of our circuit design. 

Yesterday we introduced breadboards with a cool little gadget that allows both a 3.3v and 5v power supply to the breadboard from a single USB source. This year St. Raymond is moving to a 1:1 experience with breadboards. There are plenty of projects in Mechatronics that require students to work together as a team, but I have found that when we are learning circuits that are laden with hands-on math lessons students are more engaged when they are responsible to design and assemble their own breadboarding projects. 

6th Mech 9-7-16.png